BKRW Magazine posted a preview of the upcoming Adidas Materials of the World 2007 releases. ADIDAS x MATERIALS OF THE WORLD is a new line for the SPRING/SUMMER 2007 in ADIDAS ORIGINALS collection.
The concept of this new line is to use some traditionals materials, coming from each big continent, and mix it with some ADIDAS ORIGINALS classical products.

– FORUM MID M JAPAN: The classic FORUM MID is re-interpreted combining Japanese selvage denim with a traditional japanese print.

– JAPANESE TRACK TOP M: Japanese selvage denim is achieved with the use of old style, mechanical shuttle looms-lined with a traditional Japanese print to create the Japanese TRACK TOP for men.

For more info peep it out : BKRW

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  2. Laurence

    I’ve got a Materials of the World Indonesia track top for sale in Medium. Contact me at if you’re interested.

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