Dame Dash Broke! I Just Think It’s Funny, That’s All

A few months ago, media reports were swirling that Dame Dash was on the brink of financial disaster. According to the reports, the hip hop mogul’s fortune was being depleted by his lavish spending and a series of failed business ventures. But despite losing millions, Dame still had enough money to comfortably live out the rest of his life. That was, until a few weeks ago, when Dame learned that he would have to cough up close to $5M in back taxes or face time in jail.

Media Take Out, is reporting that Dame reached out to former ROC partner Jay Z to dig him out of a hole. Damon Dash recently sold his plush Beverly Hills home for $3.8 million. I thing Mr. Dash needs to go back and listen to some of Jay’s Records and get his MoJo back.

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