Diddy And Terry Richardson Wilding Out On Video Blog.

Yo! Puffy, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Diddy Poppa, Diddy Pop, or whatever he calls himself.  Anyway he is off the hook. This dude is into all kinds of stuff. He’s got his blog going, doing virul videos, MTV reality  shows, remixing and then re-remixing, selling vodka, clothes, jewelery, fragrance’s, and who knows what else. I guess he must have soaked up a little knowledge from my boys Doa-Yi or Alyasha on art, design and photo imagery. Because I would never think he would be hanging with Terry Richardson and giving him mad props on his Video blog.  This whole business is crazy you never know who hangs with who. This is a funny as video Diddy Pop is wildin’.

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