Kanye West Secret Show Video Common Eryka Badu Live.

As we all know by now (via the internet.) Mr. West Rocked the stage at SXSW in Austin TX.  Yes Kanye West performed a “Not So Secret Show” at the Levi’s/Fader Fort event on Saturday.  Thanks to the internet a frenzied buzz and rumors;  all of SXSW was on a Kanye search.

On Saturday all the rumors were put to rest. Kanye and his entourage hit the Fader Fort stage accompanied by two DJ’s a guitarist, bassist, and drummer,  During his Levi’s/Fader Fort takeover Kanye brought Common and Erykah Badu onstage and busted a few freestyle flows.  Common and Erykah put the smash down with a fresh rendition of Common’s track  “The Light.” One of the highlights was when Kanye and Kid Cudi performed a  remix of “Day and Night.”  He closed out his set with a group version of “Love Lockdown.” Check out the Video of the live performance above.

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