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Advertise is a part of the Indie-Click network. The Indie-Click is a small boutique online banner ad network that allows brands to reach a targeted demographic of  and urban influencers. Our network audience represents a growing group of active readers: 70% of our readers are between the ages of 16 and 34; they go out and socialize at music, art, fashion, and niche events more than 3 times per week. They trust our sites content and have come to rely on for “cool news” visiting more than 3 times week.
We integrate our client’s messages in a non-intrusive manner via IAB standard ad units on our website and through dual ad units in all of our HTML email newsletters. We also offer more expansive options, which include branded giveaways and innovative, custom content development.

Pleas contact us at: or visit to find more information about advertising on any of our other Media network sites.