Amory SD + aSDthing + Survival Gear –

Amory SD + aSDthing + Survival Gear

My Dude Cros-1 is doing it big after founding freestylesession a few years back and turning it in worldwide Multi Country event. He is now dropping bombs on the apparel tip. Cros first made a few Tee’s to promote his Armory Hip Hop store in San Diego. But, as fate would have it, people loved them. He Started getting emails from people all around the world wanting to know where they could get one. Cros and his design team have been building over the last year or so and have dropped some nice designs. He shot me a few Pics of his latest creations. The Armory design elaborated on the nything concept and brought it to the West. Some of you might hate but I think the hoody with SD Chargers inspired logo ( not picture here) is kinda fresh and is worth checking out.