Apple + Phone = iPhone (revolutionary) –

Apple + Phone = iPhone (revolutionary)

“The iPhone is like living your life in your pocket,” Jobs said. “iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone.”

Apple introduced the iPhone today at their annual Macworld. The iPhone is 3 devices in one: 1) phone 2) media player 3) an internet device (a mini computer). There are devices that do similar things but none withe touchscreen interface that Apple has not only created but patented. When you watch the demos, you are astounded at the simplicity and elegance of the touchscreen implementation. OS X has never looked so good. For so long people have been talking about which product will be the iPod killer, well here we go…from the same people that brought us the iPod!

The iPhone will be released in June 2007, for the price of $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB). It will have a Flash disk (I love it) which means less energy, less likely to break when dropped, much faster and quieter. It will be available through Cingular which probably will be the biggest drawback for many. It has a megapixel camera. The headphone also acts as a microphone. iPhone with sync with both a Mac and PC (about time).

In iPod mode, the screen can shift between portrait and widescreen modes and allows users to browse through playlists of album covers with a flick of their fingers. Movies and TV shows can also be viewed in widescreen with touch controls for play-pause, chapter forwarding and volume, while photo images can be resized on-screen by a pinch of the fingers across the LCD. As an internet device, the iPhone will offer desktop quality push email in full rich HTML. A Safari web browser will provide what Apple claims is the first fully useable HTML browser on a phone, capable of displaying full web pages and the ability to zoom in on items of interest.

iPhone will also offer a Google Maps application, allowing users to view maps, satellite images, traffic information and directions. iPhone will offer a five-hour battery life for phone and internet applications and 16 hours of audio play.