BBoy The Game Hits US Feb 5, 2008 –

BBoy The Game Hits US Feb 5, 2008

After being out in Asia and Europe for a year now. Bboy the Game FINALLY hit stores in the USA February on 5th!
If you are a supporter of hip hop and dance culture, then you need to go out and get this game. The game company consulted with real Bboys to make this game. They tried to include all the elements of the bboy lifestyle and battle attitude.
On the real its very important that everyone goes out and supports. Especially in hopes that there will be future games and product for the people.
Games pretty dope but it takes time just like real dancing it takes time to develop your skills and get all your moves up to par to do the dope stuff you can see. But trust after you get the moves and the groove down. Its off to the races and you get to compete in events like Freestyle Session, Uk Championships, Battle of the Year, IBE, Armory Cup and many more. You can even get sponsors like Tribal Gear, Armory Survival Gear, Adidas and more. You even get emails from Crazy Leggs of the Rock Steady Crew!!! HAHA. On the real though everyone needs to support and pick up a copy of this to ensure that there will be more to come.