CLOT x Nike GS Juice Polo –

CLOT x Nike GS Juice Polo

These 2010 CLOT x Nike GS Polos are avaiable in 5 colorways, each based on a color theme of one of the five Juice stores. Each Polo features Chinese styled buttons and the iconic Nike pinwheel logo embroidery. The colors avaiable are red for Juice Taiwan, navy/blue for Juice Shanghai, white for Juice Kuala Lumpur and black for Juice HK. In addition, all Juice stores will have decorated Nike iD shoes with the pinwheel logo, Starting June 18th, 2010.

In order to synchronize with Nike’s “BLEED YOUR COLORS” theme, CLOT has creatively added the iconic CLOT and “67” logo heat prints so that fans are able to personalize their own CLOT x Nike GS Polo. Also, coming together with this creative personalization concept, a new packaging consisting of colorful squares will further enforce the “BLEED YOUR COLORS” concept as the color contrast between the packaging and the polo itself will be enhanced.