Gilles Peterson * Brownswood Session 1.0 * (NYC) –

Gilles Peterson * Brownswood Session 1.0 * (NYC)

Giant Step is pleased to announce the return of influential UK DJ extraordinaire Gilles Peterson as he drops by NY to showcase artists featured on his record label, Brownswood Recordings. The evening named Brownswood Sessions will showcase the highly anticipated US debut of the explosive Japanese jazz band, Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, Brazil’s exciting female singer Tita Lima and New York native Jose James. There will be a special guest appearance from Taylor McFerrin.

With an exclusive Gilles Peterson DJ Set and performances from some of the most exciting new artists from around the world, join Gilles as he takes his listeners on a journey, introducing the next wave of influential music makers, combining the innovation of live jazz, funk, & hip hop with the confidence of a world renowned musical auteur.
For almost 20 years, London-based Gilles Peterson has been one of the most highly regarded international tastemakers. A master at blending music from all genres to create an experience in what he terms “joining the dots,” Gilles brings together some of the best emerging artists from around the world with the same finely-tuned flair of his groundbreaking DJ sets.