Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up (Video) –

Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up (Video)

Kevin Gate latest video “Still Hold Up,” has a message to all who need some inspiration in the midst of struggle:

“Traffic tickets, had too many, I was gettin’ stopped, never happen when I’m by myself so bein’ friendly stopped/

I rock a lotta gold chains, I am not a coward, I’m thuggin’ hard, I’m connected to the higher power/

Damn near lost it all believing’ in a bitch nigga, okay, problem solved, I do shit a little different


Instances I used to deal with tried to hurt my marriage, but I’m built Ford tough, and I still hold up…/”

The visual, which is a dark reflection of his life experiences. The video matches the songs lyrics, putting whatever subject that’s brought up — from the police to a voodoo practitioner — in front of a craps table, adding to the symbolism of the Patrick Carmelo and James Maddocks-produced cut.