KRS-One And Marley Marl Squash The Beef –

KRS-One And Marley Marl Squash The Beef

Story by: Tom Duffy

Hip-hop Legends KRS-One and Marley Marl will be dropping their new album, Hip Hop Lives (Koch), May 22. The project, which will be released during Hip-Hop Appreciation week, marks the end of one of the genre’s more famous beefs. In 1985, Marley Marl released The Bridge, which some say claimed Queensbridge, New York as the birth of hip-hop. KRS-One combatted with “South Bronx” and “The Bridge Is Over” to prove that the Bronx was in fact the rightful location.

“I am truly honored and humbled to have worked with Marley Marl on such an important project for hip-hop,” said KRS-One in a press release. “All true ‘hip-hoppas’ know of the history between KRS-One, MC Shan and Marley Marl and I truly hope that our union sends a message of unity out to the entire hip-hop community worldwide.”

And apparently, it only took one phone call, despite the passing of two decades, to put an end to the feud.

Tracklist For Hip-Hop Lives:
01. It’s Alive (Intro)
02. Hip-Hop Lives
03. Nothing New
04. I was There
05. Musika feat. Magic Juan
06. Rising To The Top
07. On Top Of My Game
08. M.A.R.L.E.Y. (Marley And Red Living Everyday Youthfully)
09. Kill A Rapper
10. The Teaca’s Back
11. The Victory feat. Blaq Poet
12. This Is What It Is
13. All Skool
14. House Of Hits feat. Chief Rocker And Busy Bee