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Lebron Soldier PEs Autographed For $1,000

Lebron is the man! He has has taken the Cavs form ashey to classy in under five years, a couple plyoffs and a finals run. During this years finals you may have gotten a quick glimps at the Lebron Solier. He wore them a couple times. Not sure if they were prototype samples but, here is the good news is they are out now.
The even better news is that Upper Deck has two pairs you won’t find at your local mall.They have Lebron Soldier PEs autographed for $1,000 which is the lowest price ever offered by Upper Deck for autographed sneakers.
If you want to scoop them you better hurry before some rich old dude cops them and puts them in his vault. I got this info a few days ago, hurry! Upper Deck