Live Mechanics Passion/ Pain// Progress/// Fall Fashion Show. –

Live Mechanics Passion/ Pain// Progress/// Fall Fashion Show.

This is a red carpet event.
The press check-in and red carpet starts at 10 PM.
The fashion show starts at 11:30.
RSVP here to get in at the door.
RSVP: 213-694-1800.


Live Mechanics clothing brand was spawned from the fusion of street and music, and energized y the creative spirit, a new breed of style is born. Shaking up reality through art, music and an appreciation of life’s challenges, Live Mechanics has been a force in the world of street couture since 2000; offering a new conscious line bound for revolutionary achievement. Created to be an answer to the fast changing climate in today’s world of street wear.

Live Mechanics started as most great sportswear companies do by printing tees and sweatshirts and building a strong grassroots following in its California home base through our familiarity with our customer base and our marketing expertise. Since this time we have taken our flare for graphics and moved to a full scale line.

Live Mechanics…Triple P Philosophy states that a legacy cannot be left, forward movement achieved or self-realization fulfilled without… A genuine, bona fide expression of Passion for that which we may endeavor to accomplish and life dedicated to the realization of ideas which others only dare to dream. The strength to overcome the Pain of disappointment , the ability to pick yourself up when you’re down and the resolve to try again and again until you make it to the end of that road- no matter what. The perception to recognize Progress when it has been achieved and the wisdom to build a better day and shape a meaningful life upon the passion and struggle you set out with. Themes
Passion/ Pain// Progress///

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