NIKE+Scavenger Hunt+Why81 Event –

NIKE+Scavenger Hunt+Why81 Event

81 points in a single game. 55 points in the second half. The highest NBA point total in history behind Wilt the Stilt. Kobe Bryant’s superhuman Sunday on January 22, 2006, was something to behold. “Tough to explain,” he would say afterwards. Now, one year later, it’s time to recognize. Time to respect. Time to understand not just how, but…Why?

On Saturday January 21st, The day before the anniversary game, Los angeles’s most loyal sneaker heads were put to the test in a 4-hour scavenger event. 80 participants were able to purchase a historic limited edition anniversary shoe at the final event on Sunday, and many recieved prizes, special gear and the chance to attend the exclusive WHY81 afterparty. Peep the video above.