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Puma Clyde + Vaughn Bode Tribute

Finally, an actual picture of the Puma Clyde x Vaughn Bode has surfaced in Berlin Germany. Recently PUMA hooked with Mark Bodé, son of famed artist Vaughn Bodé. Together they teamed up to present “The Bodé Tribute” A celebration of Vaughn Bodé’s life and works. Vaughn Bodé was a cartoonist, which his most popular cartoon is “Cheech Wizard” who was inspired by a can of Cheechy nuts. His cartoons became popular worldwide and still inspire modern artist and graffiti artist today.

For the event, PUMA invited Mark Bodé the son of Vaughn Bode and several graffiti artists to create some custom sneakers. The outcome shows some really special sneakers, most of which feature some characteristic elements of Bodé himself. The sneakers are now for sale at Overkill.

PUMA will be releasing a Vaughn Bodé inspired shoe sometime is 2007. Pictured above is a Prototype sample. Puma has taken a lot of characteristics from Cheech Wizard and put them on the Clyde, for example the colors of Cheech Wizard and the brown stars, but the main feature is Cheech Wizard himself on the tongue.

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