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Puma+Richard Petty Racing RP43+PUMA List

When you think of Richard Petty, things that come to mind may include cowboy boots, cowboy hat, a big 70s mustache, and NASCAR, but one of the last things that may come to mind is sneakers. Yes, thats right, the racing legend was wearing sneakers while tearing up the race track.

Puma is bringing out some of the shoes Petty wore during the 1970s out of the vault and making them available to the general public. The sneakers pictured right are the Puma RP43 List which looks very much like the Puma Clydes with a few unique differences.

Puma dressed this shoe up with a woven leather tongue and a woven leather and patent leather logo on the side of the sneakers. For $100, you can’t get a much better shoe made of great materials and quality like these. The shoes are leather lined and are a very limited release.

These will be available at Adikt Footwear, tomorrow, March 17th.

Adikt Footwear
3839 McKinney Ave #140
Dallas, TX 75204