Smoking Aces In Theater Jan 2007 –

Smoking Aces In Theater Jan 2007

Basically this movie caught my attention because Alicia Keys was looking hot in some of the photos from the set.(sorry baby but, You know Alicia is my 2nd wife) Then after a closer look, I find out Common is in it also. Please note; I’m not checking for Common in they same way I’m checking for Alicia Keys. Ya’ feel me? Holla at me girl! Anyway the movie seems pretty dope. The plot is pretty simple, basically A dying mob boss takes out a $1 million contract on the life of his former protege,(Jeremy Piven) a Vegas magician turned gangster who has agreed to testify against the mob. FBI agent (Ryan Reynolds) attempts to protect their key witness as an array of hit (Ben Affleck, Common, Alicia Keys, and more) men and women descend on Lake Tahoe in a race to take the magician out. A few Reviews from the UK are in already, Judge for yourself if you see it on not.