Top Prospect Myles Jack Falls Out of First Round –

Top Prospect Myles Jack Falls Out of First Round


With the First Round of the 2016 NFL Draft already in the books, there is still some bigger controversy and surprises that are not about the players already being drafted. The best Inside Linebacker of College Football and some even say the best player overall in the draft, Myles Jack, has taken a dangerous fall out of round one of the draft. Jack is a very physical, athletic player and no question about his football skills, but what scares many GM’s of teams is not his skills on the field, but his health concerns. He suffered a season ending injury last September due to a torn lateral meniscus during practice. He was finally cleared March, just 5 days before UCLA’s Pro Day. He still managed to perform very well at the NFL Combine and Pro Day. However, he told the New York Post that his injured knee might indeed need Microfracture Surgery and once teams heard that it made things worse. Jack sat in the green room at the draft the whole night hearing everybody else’s name being called but on the other hand, his name was not. Jack will not be attending the second day of the draft. Instead, he will be watching from a Chicago hotel room on TV. Nevertheless, it seems that the team that does draft him will either get a steal and a dynamic football player for years to come or they can get a player that never lived up to his full potential due to health concerns.


Friday at 7:00 ET on ESPN and NFL Network, the Second and Third Round of the Draft will continue, stay tuned.