Agenda Trade Show Behind The Scenes Video –

Agenda Trade Show Behind The Scenes Video

The Agenda tradeshow kicked off today.  The Agenda trade show was the kickoff point for many of the hottest streetwear brands today. Just as it’s early 1990’s predecessor the 432F gave brands like Tribal, FreshJive, HAZE, Echo, PERVERT, ConART, and OBEY a place to showcase their developing brand and creativity.  Just like the 432F, Agenda was created out of frustrating battle of creativity and culture trying to compete with money and marketing. It’s the classic battle between young and the old, mainstream vs. Counterculture.  Agenda is getting pretty big and popular, you might even say mainstream. It will be interesting to hear what innovators of the next creative movement  will say about The Agenda TradeShows and it’s impact in 3 to 5 years from now.

Our Friends over at Hypebeast did a little video peace that gives us a glimpse into the creation and motivation for the Agenda trade show. They interview Agenda founder Aaron Levant and follow his around as he prepares for Agenda TradeShows in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo.

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