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Diddo Velema Designer gas masks

What the F%(CK! Check this, It seems the Diddo Velema, Louis Vuitton and Gucci have teamed up on these collaborative gas-masks. No for real. high end designer gas mask! So if your a baller and the FED’s tear-gas the mansion in Miami you can throw on your fly ass mask and introduce the cockroahes to your little friend. These joints would be a good look for any high-end graffiti artist. Imagine showing up at the “yard” sporting one of these joints. The Jakes can spot the bling from a mile away. Ballerisistic!

The high-fashioned monogrammed, and diamond encrusted headwear was debuted by Velema at the 2008 Luxury Show in Bucharest, Romania.
They do look kinda fly. I don’t know how much they will hit you pockets for but i will guess one theses baller ass gas-mask will set you back a few digits with s few zeros.
Info Via: Divice