Graffiti vs MTA + Not Guilty 2 (DVD) –

Graffiti vs MTA + Not Guilty 2 (DVD)

Not Guilty 2 (DVD)85 min.- 4 years after the first video, here is the second volume of Not Guitly DVD! It features 85 minutes of non-stop, hardcore train painting from around the world. See subways and commuter trains be destroyed in NYC, France, Japan, South Africa and many other places. This DVD came out sometime in 2006, and after seeing some brand spanking newly painted subway cars from the boys at Razor Apple.(pictured above) As you can plainly see they’ve got footage of NYC subways running, contrary to MTA protocol, with graffiti on them. Usually the MTA is required to pull a train that has been painted from service as not to give the vandals any fame. Well, looks like that didn’t work. You can get the DVD here and get a small taste of pre-buff NYC.
Info Via: Complex