Keep it real Cassette USB Hub. –

Keep it real Cassette USB Hub.

The Cassette was the mainstay for music storage and distribution back in the day, and when the WalkMan came out, man that was the best; Every body had a walkman and a backpack full of cassettes. The days of cassettes have faded into ancient history, some kids have never actually touched one in real life. But, the Cassette remains a staple in retro pop culture. Over the years since it’s demise cassette images and references have popped up on t-shirts, art, Tv shows, everywhere; the cassette tape refuses to die even in 2009, where computers, ipods, media player, and flash drives are the choice of storage and distribution of music. Here is another example of the worlds love and appreciation of the cassette as an artistic peace of history and icon that we refuse to let die. The USB cassette hub; It has four ports that can be used to connect your modern hight tech devices together in perfect harmony. Even though the cassette USB hub has little or basically nothing to do with the actual function cassettes were originally used for it’s still cool just to have on you desk. So when you transfer your latest remix to your ipod you can keep it real by using a cassette hub to add that old-school mixtape flavor to it.

  • Features
  • A 4 port USB 2.0 Hub in the shape of a classic cassette tape.
  • Its retro styling looks so realistic you’ll have to stop yourself from trying it in your Walkman.
  • This is not a real cassette tape and attempts to play it in a cassette player could cause serious damage to your stereo and the hub.
  • Suitable for ages 14 years+. * Size: 97 x 61cm.

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