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OriginalFake Store Aoyama, Tokyo

Masamichi Katayama has been putting the smack down in design for a while now,

his most recent work is the new kaws x medicom collaboration originalfake. Him and his crew recently open a concept store in Aoyama, Tokyo. Here is the basic concept behind his design for the spot: a collaborative concept design project by katayama and the ny based contemporary artist kaws, originalfake is a unique store featuring one-of-a-kind products produced by the artist. the signature “originalfake” derives from the provocative features of the giant figurine, currently placed as a dividing element in the middle of the store, which symbolizes their daring challenge on how much a single element can conjure itself into various expressions. other elements, such as the color difference seen on the flooring finish, represent the concept of “original” versus “fake” merged together in a single store. If you are out in Japan farting around be sure to check out some wonderwall inc designed spots. Masamichi Katayama and his wonderwall inc are responsible for every bathing ape related store (busy workshop, cafe, gallery, cuts, bapy) as well as for other projects in tokyo (bbc, marc jacobs…). They do it big!