Plus Trexi Series 2: Touma + Joe Ledbetter –

Plus Trexi Series 2: Touma + Joe Ledbetter

Here’s a nice group shot of the Plus Trexi Series 2 featuring the combined talents of Touma + Joe Ledbetter. The series features 7 designs from each artist which span their menagerie of characters — on Touma’s side we see Knuckle Bear, Mao Cat, Skuttle, Snout, Hell Hound and I’m pretty sure — Goon. Ledbetter’s creatures jump from his paintings to these Trexis including the previously seen Electro Lizard. Interestingly, two of Joe’s designs use the Trexi as a canvas for a scene rather than as a character itself. I personally would like to see more of this approach which has some potential for allowing artists more creativity and flexibility. Two of the twelve figures above are rare chases which based on the original lineup should be the Snout and Vulture designs.