Redman Opening Shoe Store –

Redman Opening Shoe Store

On 1996’s “Soopaman Luva 3,” Reginald “Redman” Noble rapped I’ve got these h**s spreaded/from Japanese to diabetics/Toes stay painted because of my foot fetish… Now, over a decade later, the rapper’s passion for women’s shoes and his flair for men’s kicks has led to plans for a shoe store in Staten Island, NY. “I always been a fan of women’s feet,” Redman told “Why wouldn’t I want to design a shoe? I’m not even looking at it from a money aspect, I just want to see a woman’s fine ass feet in my shoe.” Aside from designing women’s shoes and opening his own store, Redman’s biggest endeavor this year will be the release of his latest album, Red Gone Wild – Thee Album, which hits stores Mar. 27.