Barouche Appliances + Boutique Hotels –

Barouche Appliances + Boutique Hotels

Barouche has a range of appliances and electronics with a retro-futuristic look that will soon be greeting you at boutique hotels around the world. You may have seen these before, but as an example of design that successfully serves a specific purpose—in this case for appliances to go unnoticed within the space—they deserve a closer look. What’s more, features of the intelligent interactive design makes tasks like calling room-service a cinch—an act that seems simple until bad design gets in your way. The only downside is that the appliances are so discrete and linear that we should remind you not to get the phone (left) mixed with the hair dryer (center), or even worse, the iron (right).

Barouche homewares are now available in white or dark brown for your home. Visit Barouche for more info and to see the complete range of appliances.
via Arena UK Via: Tim Yu