Dj Kaled Suicide In Los Angeles. Mistaken Identity. –

Dj Kaled Suicide In Los Angeles. Mistaken Identity.

Many unconfirmed sources have been reporting that Dj Kahled committed suicide last night in Los Angeles CA.  Blogs and forums were all a buzz about the Miami Dj/Producer Killing himself on Lankershim Blvd near Universal Studios.  It was reported that around 8pm Jan 9th. Kahled started a police chase in a white Bentley Continental Flying Spur which lead police up and down the 405 going into LA and then back to the valley. The car came to a hault at 4606 Lankershim Blvd. it was widely reported that the incident started over a domestic violence call between Kahled and his girlfriend around 8pm. According to random unconfirmed sources DJ Kahled committed suicide while SWAT was approaching the Bentley.

Wrong, False, Negative, Not True, It’s A Lie!  Dj Kahled is alive and well. Initial reports of the car chase speculated the driver was Chris Brown, but these allegations were quickly refuted by police. However, with the presence of paparazzi on the scene, speculations that the suspect was a celebrity continued to flare. During the 90-minute stand-off close-up shots were shown of the man behind the wheel, causing many to report the man was Miami’s DJ Khaled. DJ Kahled did not commit suicide. Many stories were reported before the facts could be checked.  Check the LA Times Or for the real story, They actually check their sources and facts before reporting it to the world.  Fellow bloggers get you facts straight, or at least make a “unconfirmed source disclaimer” statement.

This is what and unconfirmed DJ Kahled Myspace page had to say about the reports.

Here is the real story: LA Times +